Which is the best headphones under 10000 In india?



Whether you’re looking for the best headphones under 10000 or want some tips and advice on picking the best pair, this researched buying guide for headphones has covered all of it. Headphones have been a part of our lives for decades. The technology and design have improved over time and now there are many different types of headphones available. This can be confusing for anyone who’s looking to buy their first pair of headphones and it leads to potential buyer’s remorse.

We’ve created this buying guide for headphones and a list for best headphones under 10000 to help you weed out the consumer swindlers so you can find the best sounding, most reliable, and most comfortable headphones that are compatible with your current devices.

Top 7 Things to Think About – Buying Guide for Headphones

1. Choose the appropriate type

There are several sorts of headphones, including in-ear, on-ear, and over-the-ear models. We’ll go over each one one by one until we locate the best one for you.

  • Earphones (in-ear headphones)

In-ear headphones may be the perfect alternative if you need headphones that you can take with you wherever you go. They are the most portable headphones available on the market. In-ear headphones, often known as earphones or earbuds, are the most popular type of headphones. In general, this is one of the least costly of the three types of headphones available on the market. Some of them may give excellent noise isolation, and they are all quite portable.

Unlike over-the-ear or on-ear headphones, which draw attention when worn, they can be worn invisibly to draw less notice. In-ear headphones have better sound quality than over-the-ear or on-ear devices. When you buy a new phone, these types of headphones are frequently included in the box.

  • On-Ear Headphones

On-ear headphones are a good compromise between in-ear and over-ear types. They have the same general design as over-ear headphones, although they are usually a little smaller and may be folded. This makes them an excellent choice for folks who despise in-ear headphones but yet want something small enough to fit in a bag.

On-ear headphones are typically more comfortable than in-ear versions for most people, and they usually deliver better sound quality as well since they have more area for larger drivers. In terms of comfort, on-ear headphones fall between pleasant over-ear headphones and less comfortable in-ear headphones.

  • Headphones with over-the-ear design

Over-ear headphones are headphones that totally surround your ears. These headphones are available in both closed-back and open-back configurations. Over-ear headphones reduce background noise from what the user is listening to, improving overall sound quality. Because they will not be easily distracted, you will be able to keep a user’s attention while they are working on a job.

The over-the-ear design not only provides a distraction-free environment for the user, but it also seals in the sound, limiting sound leakage and allowing people close to be unaffected by your music. Over-ear headphones are less portable due to their weight and more noticeable structure. However, when compared to other headphone designs, they offer greater comfort and sound.

2. Connectivity

The connectivity types will be discussed next. Learn more about it by reading this buying guide for headphones.

  • Wired

Wireless headphones have often outperformed corded headphones in terms of sound quality. This may still be true, albeit Bluetooth headphones, in particular, have seen a huge improvement in audio quality. If you wanted to hear better music, you would have to buy more costly wireless headphones because not all Bluetooth headphones have the same high degree of sound quality. High-end wireless headphones are expensive, but wired headphones are still the best option if you want to save money while still receiving great sound.

There are other advantages to utilizing wired headphones in terms of compatibility and battery life. A wired headphone user with a 3.5mm headphone port has less compatibility issues. Except for a few wired headphones that have a battery to power functions like noise-canceling, wired headphones are completely battery-free.

  • Wireless

In recent years, the market for wireless headphones has grown dramatically. This is because they eliminate the need for you to be linked to your phone in order to enjoy your music or sound.

With wireless earbuds, you may move about freely while listening to your favourite music. It does so because it uses Bluetooth to connect to the music source. Check the battery life to ensure that you can use them for an extended period of time.

3. Specifications

Some of the specifications to look for when purchasing new headphones. The following specifications are provided:

  • IPX Rating

It is a well-known fact that we routinely abuse earbuds. As a result, anything—dust, spills, perspiration—can do them injury. As a result, choosing earbuds with a higher IPX rating is advised. The IPX rating indicates how resistant a device is to factors such as perspiration, dust, and water. It might also indicate that something is resistant to dust or water. A higher IPX grade indicates better protection.

  • Drivers

Drivers in the earphones transform electrical data to sound pressure. Larger drivers just provide more sound in general.

  • Stereo

Mono headphones have lately lost market share due to the popularity and adaptability of stereo headphones.

  • Capacity of power

It is one of the most important factors to consider while purchasing headphones. It varies depending on the type of headphones used. Bluetooth headphones often have longer battery life than wireless earphones. The device you choose should provide you with a lengthy battery life, quick charging, and excellent efficiency levels.

  • Diaphragm

The inside of the earphone has a thin membrane that vibrates and produces sound. Diaphragms can be any form or material; the maker utilizes whatever they deem suitable to generate the best sound.

  • Noise cancellation

This should be one of the most crucial factors to consider when choosing a headphone. ANC headphones might be useful if you travel regularly or are usually in a busy place because they filter out even tiny sounds like air conditioning, aircraft, drones, and more.

  • Frequency Response

Frequency response refers to the frequency range that your headphones can cover. A higher frequency means a larger frequency range. The wider the gap between the minimum and maximum value, the broader the range cover.

5 Best Headphones under 10000 are listed below:


Skullcandy Crusher Headphonesseamless integration with any Bluetooth-enabled device

Best Headphones under 10000
Model NameCrusher
Form FactorOver Ear
Connector TypeWireless

Skullcandy Crusher Wireless enhances your music and movies with all-new Stereo Haptic Bass, which produces truly realistic dual-channel bass that you can feel. With up to 40 hours of rechargeable battery life, you can listen to Bluetooth for days without needing to seek for a wire. The total listening experience is improved with dual, custom-tuned audio drivers and noise-isolating memory foam ear cushions. Skullcandy Crusher Wireless is safe and best headphones for ear

  • Battery life is fantastic.
  • The bass quality is great.
  • Good Sound quality.
  • Buttons are smartly placed.
  • Noise cancellation could be improved.

Sennheiser HD 599 Special EditionPremium, around-ear, open back headphones

Best Headphones under 10000
Model NameAudiophile
Form FactorOver Ear
Connector TypeWired

The next Best Headphones under 10000 is Sennheiser HD 599 Special Edition. It is a high-end headphone with a timeless design and build quality, as well as superb sound. Aluminium voice coils are used in Sennheiser-designed transducers, resulting in high efficiency, superb dynamics, and exceptionally low distortion.

The open-back, around-ear design provides an amazingly ‘open’ spatial presentation to enhance the listening experience. The HD 599 Special Edition has two detachable cables: a 3m cable with a 6.3mm connector for use with a home entertainment system and a shorted 1.2m cable with a 3.5mm jack for use with phones, tablets, and laptops.

This lightweight, yet sturdy design offers exceptional wearing comfort for extended listening sessions thanks to the plush velour-covered ear cushions and a padded headband.

  • Extremely comfortable.
  • Good quality is superb.
  • Good for gaming.
  • Build quality is excellent
  • Noise cancellation is not good.

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JBL Live 660NCHeadphones with Mic up to 50 Hours Playtime with Quick Charge,

Best Headphones under 10000
Model NameLive
Form FactorOver Ear
Connector TypeWireless, Wired

With JBL Live 660NC Bluetooth headphones’ Adaptive Noise Cancelling, you can block out the noise and focus on the music. Ambient Aware technology allows you to safely stroll through busy streets by enhancing Ambient Sounds, whilst TalkThru reduces music and amplifies voice so you can effortlessly speak while wearing headphones.

For long-lasting entertainment, listen wirelessly for up to 40 hours with Smart Adaptive Noise Cancelling or up to 50 hours without Noise Cancelling. Stop for a fast 10-minute charge to receive an extra 4 hours of pleasure, or play indefinitely in wired mode with the included detachable AUX cord. JBL Signature Sound with Enhanced Bass is delivered by the Live 660NC Headphones, which may be found at the world’s most prestigious venues. When you remove your headphones, your music goes on hold and resumes when you replace them.

Dual pairing enables you to move between Bluetooth devices with ease. So you never miss a call, you can easily go from a movie on your tablet to a call on your smartphone. JBL Signature Sound with Enhanced Bass is delivered by the Live 660NC Headphones, which may be found at the world’s most prestigious venues.

When you remove your headphones, your music goes on hold and resumes when you replace them. Dual pairing enables you to move between Bluetooth devices with ease. So you never miss a call, you can easily go from a movie on your tablet to a call on your smartphone.

  • The sound quality is excellent.
  • The build quality is strong.
  • The voices, treble, and bass are all well-balanced.
  • Ear cups made of letherette.
  • Noise cancellation is not good.

Sony WH-XB700 Headphones Bluetooth On Ear Headphone with Mic

Best Headphones under 10000
Model NameHeadphones
Form FactorOver Ear
Connector TypeWireless

Next Best Headphones under 10000 is Sony WH-XB700. The Sony WH-XB700 headphones, which are a part of the Extra Bass line, boost all of your low-end frequencies for excellent bass while maintaining vocal clarity, raising every track with waves upon waves of thunderous rhythm. Wired connections and laborious setup procedures are no longer necessary thanks to Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth technologies. Start streaming your music library by simply touching your NFC-enabled device to the headphones for an instant connection. No NFC? No issue. You can proceed after establishing a Bluetooth connection.

You have all-day power with about 30 hours of playtime after a roughly 4-hour charge, so you can keep listening to track after track and mix after mix.

Thanks to their clear, slender, and attractive design and one-color bright accent on the bass housing, the WH-XB700 headphones are the perfect match for any style. The swivel design and softly padded ear cups make them perfect for listening to your favourite music back-to-back. Its powerful bass doesn’t harm to your ears its the best headphones for ear.

Simply push the multi-function button, which is situated in the centre of three buttons on the headphones, to answer hands-free calls from certain smartphones while still listening to music. Without having to take off your headphones, switch between tunes and calls with ease.

Utilize the built-in microphone of the headphones to speak with your voice assistant on your smartphone and manage your day. Enjoy entertainment, communicate with friends, gather information, take notifications and music, and more.

  • A strong and long-lasting Bluetooth connection with rapid pairing.
  • Functional clicky and tactile buttons.
  • Alexa has built-in capabilities for playing music and controlling smart devices.
  • NFC support for one-touch pairing.
  • Long battery life and fast charging through USB-C.
  • Compatibility with both Windows and Mac.
  • The bass is not good enough.
  • Noise cancellation could be improved.

REETEC Wireless Bluetooth Headphones40 Hrs Playing Time, Soft Protein Earpads

Best Headphones under 10000
Model NameBT-X9
Form FactorOver Ear
Connector TypeWireless

Last in our list of Best Headphones under 10000 is Reetec. The Reetec headphones’ powerful 40mm neodymium dynamic driver units allow them to offer outstanding sound quality with deep bass and crystal clear treble.

REETEC wireless over-ear headphones combine elegant aesthetics with great comfort. Upgraded soft protein ear cushions mimic the feel of human skin, delivering long-lasting comfort. The slider may be adjusted to fit most people’s heads and making listening more comfortable.

REETEC Bluetooth over-ear headphones with an 800 mAH battery that enables up to 40 hours of playback or calling time in Bluetooth mode. It also comes with a 53-inch audio cord for never-ending listening. Wherever you go, you may listen to uninterrupted audio.

With Bluetooth 5.0, you can stream audio and video with low latency and less power consumption, and you can connect to your Bluetooth devices quickly and reliably. The high-quality built-in microphone is offered by REETEC BTX9 wireless Bluetooth headphones for hands-free calling. There is no longer a concern about audio interruptions during phone calls or music playback.

  • Battery life is good.
  • The sound is good too.
  • Comfortable headphones.
  • Voice is not clear on call sometimes.

The Bottom Line

Headphones are generally considered to be the best way to listen to your music, and there are many different brands and types of headphones from which you can choose.

We really hope the above list of best headphones under 10000 and buying guide for headphones has helped making an informed decision. You can buy these headphones with the link given.

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