MI 5A TV 32 inches L32M7-5AIN Smart Android LED TV


It’s been a while since we saw a TV that was small and compact in size but still offers brilliant picture quality. The Mi 5A TV is the latest addition to our reviews of products that offer brilliant features at affordable prices. It comes with its own smart remote control, which offers easy accessibility to entertainment content such as online video streaming services and games. Read About LED

So, how do this new MI Smart TV 32 inches fare with its competitors? Well, let’s find out that and more in this very review!

MI 5A TV 32 inches L32M7-5AIN Smart Android LED TV

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Xiaomi Smart TV 5a Specification

ResolutionLED (1366 x 768) Resolution
Refresh Rate 60 Hertz
Ports2 HDMI + 2 USB
ConnectivityDual Band Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 5.0
Sound20 Watts Output 
OSAndroid TV 11
Hardware3.5mm Audio + Ethernet
ProcessorCortex A35 64-bit Quad Core

Display and Picture Quality

MI 5A TV 32 inches L32M7-5AIN Smart Android LED TV

The Mi 5A TV comes with a 32-inch display, which has an FHD 1080p resolution. The screen is not as large as most of the other TVs on the market but it still provides an immersive experience for users who want to get lost in their favorite movies or shows.

When we used this TV for watching movies, it was very easy to forget that we were watching a television set because of how good it looked! The tiny bezels help create an almost borderless design that makes you feel like you’re staring straight into your favorite movie or show.

In addition to this feature, we really liked how bright and colorful the picture looked on this device! It was much easier to see details such as actors’ faces than other brands that cost more money than this one does without sacrificing any quality whatsoever (which isn’t always guaranteed).

We also thought that there was excellent contrast ratio considering how much less expensive this product is compared to others out there – especially when compared against similar models from Samsung or Sony’s line-ups.”

Build and Design

MI 5A TV 32 inches L32M7-5AIN Smart Android LED TV

The first thing you’ll notice about the Mi Smart TV 32 inches is that it looks and feels like a premium product. The back is made of plastic, but it has a premium feel to it and the overall build quality and fit and finish levels look appealing.

Moreover, the Mi 5A TV has tiny bezels that give the TV a premium appeal; they’re not too thin, but they’re not too thick either. Compared to other TVs in its category, the Mi 5A TV stands out as having some of the best-looking bezels around.

You’ll also notice that there are no visible screws on the back of this TV—another indication of its premium feel. Overall, we really liked this TV’s design!

Audio Quality

MI 5A TV 32 inches L32M7-5AIN Smart Android LED TV

The audio quality of Mi 5A TV is impressive. While the sound quality is only a 2.0 channel speaker system, it’s still great for a small room. It has Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD, DTS Digital Surround, and other surround sound modes which are fully supported by all streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video Apps!

The speakers are bottom firing at an angle away from you so that when you watch movies or shows on this TV, there isn’t much interference from outside noises! The audio feels clear but not that crisp!

Furthermore, the dual-speakers generate a max output of 24W that can get pretty loud. The bass is decent and the treble is fine as well. However, don’t expect too much from the audio output as the Mi Smart TV 32 inches fits right in the budget section of TV’s!

Ports of MI Smart TV 32 inches

MI 5A TV 32 inches L32M7-5AIN Smart Android LED TV

The Mi 5A TV is a 32-inch television, which means you can easily connect all your other devices to it. The ports include 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, and a 3.5mm audio jack for connecting your headphones or other audio devices.

It’s good that the device has an average number of inputs and outputs that make it easy to connect almost any device you want to this TV without having to worry about compatibility issues.

It also supports a 2 speaker set-up so if you have some speakers lying around at home, this TV can easily be connected with them for a better audio output!

Hardware Specification

The Mi 5A TV comes with 1.5GB RAM and 8GB internal storage. This is an entry-level model that has been designed for people who want a basic performance without paying so much money for it. Furthermore, the device is even powered with an A55 cortex quad-core chipset and a Mali MP2 GPU!

The Mi Smart TV 32 inches can be connected to your smartphone through Bluetooth v5.0, which allows you to control the TV using your mobile phone without any interruptions in connectivity between the two devices.

It also features dual-band Wi-Fi that makes it easy to connect with other devices at home or in the office without any issues of lag or low signal strength while streaming content online on YouTube or Netflix, etcetera.

Software UI

MI 5A TV 32 inches L32M7-5AIN Smart Android LED TV

Mi 5A TV comes with a custom Android TV UI which is very simple and easy to use. It comes pre-installed with a lot of apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar + Disney, and many more!

The remote control has voice assistant functionality which can help you search for content by voice command at the flick of a button. The remote comes with dedicated hotkeys for OTT apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

All in all, we would say that the UI has improved a lot from previous versions and it is now very simple and intuitive to use!

Mi 5A TV- Pros and Cons

The Mi 5A TV has a lot of advantages and disadvantages as well right up its sleeve. Moreover, the Xiaomi Smart TV 5A specifications are also great. Some of the pros & cons of this TV are:

  • Great specifications like 1.5GB RAM and 8GB ROM
  • Good picture quality to great contrasts and viewing angles
  • A sleek and smart remote control
  • Extremely value for money
  • Has no HDR support
  • The audio quality could have been a bit better

Final Verdict

The Xiaomi Mi 5A TV 32 inches is a great TV, especially if you’re looking for something affordable. It has multiple excellent features that make it stand out, like its high-resolution screen and Android operating system. On the other hand, we found some issues with this product as well. For example, its sound quality could be better and it doesn’t support HDR.

Overall though, the Xiaomi Smart TV 5A specifications are great! And, we recommend this product to anyone who’s looking to buy a new TV and wants one that’s cheap but still high quality!

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1. What factors should you consider before purchasing a new TV?

When it comes to purchasing a new TV, there are many factors to consider. First, you should decide which size of screen you want. The standard sizes are 32 inches and up, with 50 inches being the most popular size. Next, you’ll want to determine whether your new TV will be used for gaming or watching movies.
If it’s for gaming, then you’ll want something with a refresh rate of 120Hz or higher. If it’s for movies and television shows, then a refresh rate of 60Hz will suffice. Once you’ve decided on the size of your new TV and what kind of content it will be used for, then it’s time to look at other important specs like resolution and contrast ratio.
Resolution refers to how many pixels per inch (PPI) make up an image displayed on a screen—the higher the PPI number, the sharper your picture will look compared with lower-resolution screens! The contrast ratio is how well black colors stand out against white colors within an image displayed on a screen—the higher this number the better!

2. Do you get a lag-free experience on the Mi 5A TV?

Yes! The Mi 5A TV is a great choice for anyone who wants to watch their favorite shows, movies, and sports on a big-screen TV without the lagging or buffering that can sometimes come with streaming content.
The Mi Smart TV 32 inches packs a powerful quad-core processor with Cortex A55 cores and Mali MP32 GPU for fast processing speed, ensuring that you get the best possible experience no matter what you’re watching.
It also comes equipped with 1.5GB of RAM, which means it’s ready to handle all those apps you want to run simultaneously while you’re watching your favorite show.
You can expect lag-free streaming on this TV even when multiple devices are connected at once—whether you’re using your phone as a remote control or your laptop to send photos from your gallery over AirPlay!

3. Is the Mi 5A TV value for money?

The Xiaomi Mi 5A TV is a great TV with an amazing price tag.
The Mi Smart TV 32 inches comes with an FHD 1080p resolution which means you can watch your favorite shows in high definition. It also has an IPS display which means the colors are vivid and the picture quality is crisp and clear. The display is 32 inches which means you won’t have to strain your eyes to see what’s going on in your favorite shows or movies!
It also has a smart remote control that allows you to operate the TV from across the room without having to get up off of your couch!

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