Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboard under 1500 in India


Searching for the best gaming keyboard under 1500? Gaming keyboards have come a long way since their first appearance. Gone are the days when gaming keyboards were only equipped with basic LED backlights, membrane keys, and plasticky plastic casing, not to mention the poor quality of the integrated media buttons.

Today a number of manufacturers offer keyboards that sport ergonomic designs, advanced multimedia controls and state-of-the-art sensor technology for more accurate control over your game character. If you’re a hardcore gamer and have been looking for the best gaming keyboard under 1500, then it’s time you checked out my top 10 list of best gaming keyboards under 1500 in India.

Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboards under 1500 are listed below:


HP K500F Backlit Membrane Wired Gaming Keyboard26 Anti-Ghosting Keys, and Windows Lock Key / 3 Years Warranty(7ZZ97AA)

Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboards under 1500 are listed below

The 1st in our list of best gaming keyboard under 1500 is HP K500F. A gaming keyboard with programmable backlights, the HP K500F is svelte and stylishly made. A metal panel that spans its frame is included. An LED-lit logo that can be turned on or off is also included within the metal surface.

A stand is also included with the keyboard, allowing you to adjust the angle at which it faces while you’re working. To top it all off, the keyboard contains 26 anti-ghosting keys that may be simultaneously tapped to initiate continuous kills, allowing you to maintain an advantage over the course of the game.

  • Double Injection Keycaps.
  • Full-sized Membrane Keyboard.
  • 26 Keys anti- Ghosting.
  • Multimedia buttons.
  • The keyboard is unusable without the backlight on.

Redgear Blaze Semi-Mechanical wired Gaming keyboard full aluminium body & Windows key lock for PC 

Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboards under 1500 are listed below

The 2nd in our list of best gaming keyboard under 1500 is Redgear Blaze semi-mechanical. The Blaze was created specifically to adhere to professional gaming competition. Blaze is made for both high and low DPI players, and the design provides you extra room to move your mouse around the screen. Using the keyboard when playing games online and in tournaments offline is simple and easy to carry.

The Blaze boasts incredible three LED colour lights that offer you various LED options. Change the colour of your LED according to your preference, whether it’s day or night, and use Blaze to kill them with style. Up to 10 million keystrokes can be typed on The Blaze before it dies. Each key responds quickly, extending the life of each press. Ten keys would ring out simultaneously on a piano if you pressed all the keys with your fingers. An efficient anti-ghosted also accomplishes that. It makes sure that each key you press simultaneously and precisely registers in the game.

The appropriate distance for each pressure is provided by the ergonomic floating key caps. The keycap’s design affects the actuation force. The Blaze’s strategically positioned keycaps enable precise results with each click.

  • 19 keys anti-ghost.
  • Windows key-lock function to avoid in-game pop-up.
  • Wired USB connectivity.
  • Key caps can’t be removed.

EvoFox Fireblade Wired Gaming KeyboardMultiple Lightning Effects I Compact TKL Design I LED Backlit I 19 Anti Ghosting Keys

Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboards under 1500 are listed below

The 3rd in our list of best gaming keyboard under 1500 is Amkette EvoFox Fireblade. The AMKETTE EvoFox Fireblade USB gaming keyboard enables you to annihilate foes, crush competitors, and take control of the game. The device’s 87 (TKL) Tenkeyless design and up to 1.5 m long braided cable with magnetic ring enable effective operation and precise data transmission.

A breathing effect and rainbow backlighting are other features of this gaming keyboard that serve to improve vision while you play. The atmosphere of your gaming setup is also improved by it.

This gaming keyboard for PCs and Macs has 19-Key Anti Ghosting and Elevated Keys, allowing you to go on a rampage with complete confidence in your equipment. Twelve multimedia keys and the Windows Lock Key are basic features of the EvoFox Fireblade Gaming Keyboard.

  • Windows Lock Key,12 Multimedia Keys.
  • Rainbow Backlighting with Breathing Effects.
  • 1.5m Long Braided Cable.
  • Space bar is squeaky

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-06 Galactic Wired Gaming Keyboard Aluminium Body, 7 Color RGB Backlit with Effects, Anti-Ghosting

Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboards under 1500 are listed below

The 4th in our list of best gaming keyboard under 1500 is Cosmic Byte CB-GK-06 Galactic. The Galactic Gaming Keyboard has beautifully designed keycaps that are comfortable to hold. Additionally, it has keys that are scratch-resistant and have a 10 million keystroke life as well as a removable wrist rest pad for added comfort.

No matter how intense the keyboard inputs become, the 19 key anti-ghosting prevents reaction delays and ensures that your gaming inputs are precise. With the help of the Galactic Gaming Keyboard’s multi-media hotkeys, you can maintain a seamless, lag-free, and uninterrupted workflow. Additionally, it will enhance your gaming experience. The Galactic Gaming Keyboard elevates your gaming style with its 9 RGB backlighting effects and 4 levels of backlight brightness. In additionally to Sonic Spectrum Sound Reactive LEDs, your keyboard light responds to the ambient noise.

It is equipped with a braided cable that is designed to prolong the cable’s flex life and boost its mechanical strength while shielding it from electromagnetic interference (EMI). The Galactic keyboard’s key features are completed with a braided wire that is 1.6 metres long and has a USB interface.

  • 7 Color RGB Backlit, 4 Levels of Brightness Adjustment,  and 9 Backlight Effects.
  • 19 Anti-ghosting Keys.
  • Multi-Media Hotkeys.
  • 10 Million Keystrokes & Wrist Rest.
  • It has rough edges.
  • the bottom is plastic.
  • There is no software to set up shortcuts or less.

Zebronics Zeb-Transformer-k USB Gaming KeyboardMulticolor LED Effect

Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboards under 1500 are listed below

The 5th in our list of best gaming keyboard under 1500 is Zebronics Zeb-Transformer-k. The gaming keyboard zeb-transformer-k, which has a full aluminium frame and laser keycaps, will improve your gaming experience. 104 keys and multimedia controls are included with the transformer keyboard.

Multi-color LED modes are also available on the keyboard. Exceptionally good braided cable and a premium USB connector are included with the Transformer gaming keyboard.

  • Integrated Media control keys.
  • Multi Color LED with 4 modes – 3 Light Mode & 1 off Mode.
  • Windows Key Enable/Disable Function.
  • All Keys Enable/Disable Function.
  • Backlight LED ON/OFF Function.
  • None


Ant Esports KM500W Gaming Backlit KeyboardLED Wired Gaming Keyboard, Ergonomic & Wrist Rest Keyboard

Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboards under 1500 are listed below

The 6th in our list of best gaming keyboard under 1500 is Ant Esports KM500W. Ant Esports KM500W 2020 Features Rainbow LED Backlighting for Fantastic Game Enjoyment You enter the magnificent gaming world with the new version rainbow illuminated gaming keyboard and mouse set. adjustable side light strips with backlit modes.

The computer gaming mouse’s logo leak light design enhances the whole gaming experience. Lamp brightness is increased by 50% compared to comparable sets via a special fuel injection procedure.

Durability is ensured by the Ant Esports gaming keyboard’s 50 million key life, which is double that of a standard wired computer keyboard. The form of the crater provides for a quiet click that won’t annoy your partner or youngster. The keycap uses a micro-particle oil-jet laser engraving design, which ensures that the characters will never come off.

  • Rainbow LED Backlit.
  • Adjustable DPI & Programmable PC Gaming Mouse.
  • Ergonomic keyboard and mouse design.
  • 7 Programmable Button.
  • Material quality feels cheap.

HP K300 Backlit Membrane Wired Gaming KeyboardMatte Finish Double Injection Key Caps and Windows Lock Key / 3 Years Warranty(4QM95AA)

Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboards under 1500 are listed below

The 7th in our list of best gaming keyboard under 1500 is HP K300. The HP keyboard K300 features an appealing, simplistic design that is strong enough to withstand the demands of daily work.

It allows you to type more comfortably since it keeps your hands in a more natural position. It has an attractive disposition and human function highlighted by a distinctive increase LED backlight in a comfortable position with simple height adjustment.

The keys are clearly labelled so you can type quickly and accurately without missing a letter. It adopts a high-key and low-key pattern to match the motion’s arc. It has a straightforward setup; to use it right away, plug it into a USB port on your desktop, laptop, or notebook computer.

Features a full 104 keys in the US layout, 19 hot keys that are anti-ghosting, and an ultra wear-resistant UR layer. For people with less-than-perfect vision, the big, bright white characters on the keys make them simpler to read.

  • Full-sized Membrane Keyboard.
  • Double Injection Keycaps.
  • 4 LED backlight indicators.
  • The LED light is not very bright.

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-25 Pandora TKL Mechanical KeyboardOutemu Blue Switches and Rainbow LED (Black/Grey)

Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboards under 1500 are listed below

The 8th in our list of best gaming keyboard under 1500 is Cosmic Byte CB-GK-25. The keyboard’s keycaps are beautifully made and have excellent grip. The keys that come with the Pandora Keyboard are built to last for more than 50 million keystrokes per key.

Concern yourself no more with keyboard malfunction! There is All-Key Anti-Ghosting included with the Pandora Keyboard. You won’t ever again make a keyboard error that could cost you a game.

Fast Double Injection Keys on the Pandora TKL Mechanical Keyboard will speed up your work and play. Keys with scratch-resistant writing are simpler to clean. 20 different backlight effects are available on the Pandora TKL Mechanical Keyboard for the ferocious gamer in you. The brightness and speed of the backlight can also be altered.

The Pandora Keyboard by Cosmic Byte has a durable metal body that makes it incredibly resistant and enables it to be utilized in extremely difficult settings. It can survive for years thanks to the excellent construction quality.

  • Compact Mechanical Keyboard with 87 keys.
  • Mechanical Silent Key Switches.
  • Injection Molded Double-shot Color Keycaps.
  • Adjustable Backlight Brightness and Speed.
  • 20 Backlight Effects and 8 Game Modes.
  • Some keys are bit hard.

Redragon Dyaus K509 Wired Semi Mechanical Gaming Keyboard7 RGB Backlit Colors on Keys & without Edge Side Light

Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboards under 1500 are listed below

The 9th in our list of best gaming keyboard under 1500 is Redragon Dyaus K509. 104 quiet keys that are long-lasting, resilient, and responsive. The keyboard has a sturdy ABS and aircraft-grade aluminium construction, and the keycaps are double-shot injection module.

The keyboard keys provide a mechanical keyboard feel with less resistance and a shorter key travel. This means that typing is easier while yet providing precise tactile feedback for flawless gaming performance.

A typical liquid spill won’t damage the PC gaming keyboard. You never feel uncomfortable, no matter how long you type or how intense your gaming marathons are. The 25 Conflict Free (n-Key Rollover) keys on the Redragon K509 include 11 multimedia keys. includes a solid connection and a full numeric keyboard with a corrosion-free USB connector.

  • 104-keys with separate Num Pad.
  • 7 color RGB backlit keys with breathing effects and brightness control.
  • 11 multimedia keys.
  • WIN keys can be disabled when gaming.
  • Ergonomic Low-Profile Space Saving Design.
  • Corrosion-free USB connector for a reliable connection.
  • Keyboard material feels cheap.

boAt Redgear Grim V2 Wired Gaming KeyboardDouble Injected Keycaps, Floating Keycaps, Ergonomic Design

Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboards under 1500 are listed below

The 10th in our list of best gaming keyboard under 1500 is boat Redgear Grim V2. The keyboard includes three Mix LED modes. Windows Key Lock for uninterrupted gaming sessions. The floating keycaps of the keyboard are carefully situated, resulting in a clicky sound and exact results every time you click.

It has a double-injected Key-caps LED for nighttime use. Ergonomic design and gaming grade construction for both pro and casual gamers.


  • 3 Mix LED modes.
  • Windows Key Lock.
  • Floating keycaps.
  • None

The Bottom Line

With gaming, keyboards come gaming features that are designed specifically for the needs of gamers and provide performance that is comparable to or better than much more expensive models. We really hope the above list of best gaming keyboard under 1500 has helped you making a buying decision. We would to hear your choice in the comment below.

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