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Top 5 best printers under 15000 in India


Introduction of best printers under 15000

Are you looking for the best printers under 15000 for your home or business? Look no further than this comprehensive buying guide for printers as it provides you with comprehensive information about the best printers available in the market for under 15000 INR. It is important to consider several factors before selecting a printer, such as print speed, print quality, and connectivity. This guide will help you make a well-informed decision by giving you an overview of the top 5 best printers under 15000 INR, along with their features and specifications.

The printers featured in this guide are reliable and offer a good value for your money. So, if you’re looking for a quality printer that offers great features and performance, then read on to find out which one is the right choice for you.


Top 9 Things to Consider – Buying Guide for Printer

  1. B&W or Color

Many printers offer separate print speeds for colour and black-and-white printing. Most printers take longer to print a precise, detailed colour rendering. Color prints, particularly photographs and photos, exhibit more intricacy than simply black text with unprinted white space.

Fortunately, the difference is usually only a few ppm. And as technology develops, this disparity is getting even less with newer printers. If you do a lot of colour printing, make sure to look at both ppm values for any device you’re considering.

  1. Printing Speeding

Printing speed, which is often measured in pages per minute (ppm), is an important element on all printers that varies greatly from one type to the next. Smaller devices built for low-volume operations may print at 5 ppm in some conditions, whereas enterprise equipment may print at 70 ppm or above in almost any format.

If you just print single-page papers on occasion, you won’t mind slower print rates if it means a smaller and less expensive device. When looking for the best sort of printer, professionals and business customers should constantly look at the ppm numbers. The more pages you have, the faster you can return to your other responsibilities.

Print speed is crucial, but it’s not the only element that affects turnaround time. Additionally, format affects speed, especially when deciding between a colour vs a B&W printer.

  1. Paper types that are supported

A printer may handle a variety of paper kinds such as glossy, matte, brilliant white, resume, picture, and so on, as well as paper sizes such as A3, A4, envelope, SRA, and so on. When printing, you may choose the printer based on the kind and size of paper you desire.

  1. Energy conservation

You can reduce monthly costs by focusing on gadgets with higher efficiency ratings. To locate the corresponding ratings, look under the “Energy Efficiency” field under product specifications. The most energy-efficient printers have ENERGY STAR®, EPEAT®z, and/or CECP certifications.

  1. Single or multifunction

  • Single Function

A single-function printer just has the ability to print, which has some distinct advantages including lower cost initially and over time, faster print rates, and thinner measures. They are especially well-suited for offices that outsource their larger print tasks and for those that print a lot of documents but use other tools for scanning and copying.

  • Multifunction

With a multifunction printer, in addition to printing, you can also copy and scan. Some people even fax, however, it has grown less prevalent as fax capabilities have become less in need outside of the financial and healthcare sectors. Thus, with only one device, you may print, scan, and copy documents to create high-quality copies.

Photo support is an additional unique multipurpose feature. When printing complex color images, multifunction printers with photo printing capabilities offer increased precision and quality.

  1. Monthly Duty Cycle

The maximum monthly duty cycle is the maximum number of pages a printer can print in a month before failing. Allowing the print volume to reach the maximum monthly duty cycle is not recommended since it leads to wear and tear. As a result, for high-volume use, you should always look for a printer with a greater monthly duty cycle.

  1. Connectivity

Printers come with a variety of connectivity options. You can connect your printer to the devices by LAN or USB connections for wired printing, or wirelessly via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Some printers are AirDrop compatible, allowing you to print documents instantly from your Apple devices.

You can choose the printer based on the type of connectivity you’ll be most comfortable with when using it. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth printers with wired connectivity options are recommended.

  1. Usage type

  • Home Usage

At home, printers are used to print crucial documents and even schoolwork for children. These prints are available in black and white or color and are not in big quantities. These printers are simple to set up and use. Inkjet printers or ink tank printers are recommended.

  • Office Use

Offices require a big amount of documents to be printed at a faster rate. When printing a big volume of pages, the printer’s cost efficiency is also taken into account. These prints are mainly black and white, however, some companies demand colored prints for special events.

These printers may connect to the office network for secure use. A laser printer is recommended (with color printing function if needed).

  1. Budget

Budget for printing refers to more than simply the cost of your printer. Ink or toner replacements are included in your total printing budget’s operational expenses for the period you’ll be utilizing your printer. Due to the fact that printer cartridges are sometimes more expensive than the printer itself, these two elements must be taken into account together.

Keep in mind that the replacement cartridges for a printer will likely be more expensive the less expensive the printer is. We don’t just mean pricey in terms of the price of each individual ink cartridge.


The top 5 Best Printers under 15000 are listed below:

1. Canon PIXMA G3000

Canon PIXMA G3000


You can print stunning images and scan important documents using the Canon PIXMA G3000 multi-purpose wireless printer. Because high-page-yield ink bottles offer a yield of 7000 pages, users may enjoy printing without worrying about ink costs or running out of ink.

Built-in integrated ink tanks help to build a compact printer body. Users can readily determine how much ink is remaining. Canon’s hybrid ink technology produces sharp black text documents as well as beautiful photographs, and borderless photos may be printed up to A4 size.

Built-in wireless LAN connectivity enables users to print wirelessly from PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablet computers. The G3000 may function as an access point in the absence of a wireless router, allowing a direct connection to portable devices like tablets and smartphones.

The new Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY software makes it easy and intuitive to print from smartphones and tablets. also permits printing from cloud services like Facebook and Dropbox using PIXMA Cloud Link.


Pros & Cons

  • • The print quality is good, and it is simple to install.
  • • Given the cost of printing with HP, the printer should provide a return on investment within two years.
  • • Mobile and cloud printing available.
  • • Built-in wireless LAN connectivity.
  • • Built-in integrated ink tanks.
  • • Tech support is week.


2. Canon PIXMA G2012

Canon Pixma G2012


The new Canon PIXMA G2012 InkTank Printer is well-known for its high-volume, low-cost printing, copying, and scanning capabilities. It provides perfect performance while efficiently lowering expenses.

The combined ink tanks allow for a more compact printer body. These ink tanks are very visible, making it simple to check ink levels and arrange refills appropriately.

The Printer’s simple 1.2-inch screen design allows it to fulfil the job of creating many copies or scans with ease. With the aid of Canon’s Hybrid Ink System, it produces breathtaking borderless images and sharp black text documents up to A4 size.

It uses Canon’s Hybrid Ink System to print borderless photographs and sharp black text documents up to A4 size. PIXMA Ink Efficient printers are amazingly cost-effective for high volume printing with high page yields of up to 6,000 pages in black or up to 7,000 pages in colour.


Pros & Cons

  • Integrated Ink Tank System.
  • New Panel Design for Easier Operation.
  • High Quality Photo and Document Printing.
  • Easy to use and install.
  • Wi-fi connectivity signal is week.


3.HP Ink Tank 415

HP Ink Tank 415


The HP Ink Tank 415 has a huge capacity ink tank that allows you to print a lot of pages. If the ink runs out, simply add additional ink and you’re ready to go. You can print up to 8,000 pages with three bottles of HP colour ink thanks to its huge capacity ink tank. With a single bottle of HP black ink, you can print up to 6,000 pages.

This print saves you money by printing at a cheap cost per page. The printer’s compact ink tank allows you to refill your ink stock in a quick and easy manner.

The transparent ink tanks allow you to see when you need to replenish the ink tanks without being taken off guard. Thanks to this printer’s dark and sharp printing, your business papers would create a fantastic impression on everyone who views them.

The HP Ink Tank 415 makes everything it prints seem excellent and appealing, whether it’s a basic document, brochure, flyer, or anything else. This multi-purpose printer assists you with printing jobs, allowing you to copy documents, and has a scanning feature.

You can simply view and print documents stored on Dropbox or Google Drive from your smartphone. Even if you are not connected to the printer’s network, the Wi-Fi Direct function enables direct printing from your smartphone or tablet.


Pros & Cons

  • Scan from Smartphone feature.
  • Multi-device Printing Option.
  • Cloud Printing.
  • High-capacity Ink Tank.
  • Durability is not up to the mark.

 4. Epson EcoTank L3211

Epson EcoTank L3211


The EcoTank L3211 is the ideal home printer, with prints starting at just 7 Paise (black)* and 18 Paise (colour). A high print output of up to 4,500 pages (black) and 7,500 pages (colour) allows you to print without needing to refill as frequently.

It can also print borderless photographs up to 4R in size. Its compact form results in a small footprint and hence space savings.

Furthermore, specific nozzles provide spill-free and error-free refilling. The all-in-one functionality allows for simple printing, scanning, and copying of data. It consumes less power and can even run on a UPS thanks to Epson’s Heat-Free Technology.


Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use and install.
  • Compact integrated tank design.
  • Economical.
  • High yield ink bottles.
  • Spill-free, error-free refilling.
  • Border-less printing up to 4R.
  • No wireless connectivity options.


5.HP Smart Tank All in One 520

HP Smart Tank All In One 520


The HP Smart Tank All-in-one 520 Multifunctional Colour Printer allows you to complete your printing tasks quickly and easily thanks to its simple setup, manual two-sided printing, guided buttons, and low-ink sensors.

This printer provides great print quality due to its vibrant colours and crisp lettering. So, whether for work or for pleasure, this printer can fulfil all of your printing requirements. This printer includes smart-guided buttons that glow to give simple instruction during the printing process.

This printer’s inbuilt fast USB 2.0 connector allows you to easily connect it to your computer, resulting in an outstanding experience. With this printer, just insert the bottle into the ink tank without squeezing or leaking ink, guaranteeing easy use and cleaning.


Pros & Cons

  • Improved ink efficiency results in higher print quality.
  • Design is compact.
  • Control Panel Intelligent.
  • Multi-item scanning, Book scanning, Auto-heal, Save scans as text files, Fax, and Essential Security are examples of smart advanced solutions.
  • None for now.


The Bottom Line

With the advancement of technology, printers have become a necessity in households and businesses. They are used to print documents, photos, and other media.

However, finding the right printer that fits your budget and needs can be a challenging task. To make this process easier, we have put together this buying guide for printer and a list of top 5 best printers under 15000 that are available in the market. We really this article has helped you making an informed decision.

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Top 5 best printers under 15000 in India -
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Are you looking for the best printers under 15000 for your home or business? Look no further than this comprehensive buying guide for printers as it provides you with comprehensive information about the best printers available in the market for under 15000 INR. It is important to consider several factors before selecting a printer, such as print speed, print quality, and connectivity. This guide will help you make a well-informed decision by giving you an overview of the top 5 best printers under 15000 INR, along with their features and specifications.


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