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Which is the Best CCTV Camera in India?



Whether you are planning to build your own security system or looking for the best CCTV camera in India to add to your existing system, you are in the right place. This CCTV Camera buying guide will help you understand what it takes to make the right decision in the CCTV camera buying process.

The rising incidents of crime in India have led to more and more people turning towards CCTV surveillance systems. Every business and residential complex has started equipping its premises with these cameras. Many of us imagine that buying a CCTV camera is easy, but in fact, it is not as simple as it might seem.

If you are ready to invest in this form of security, then there are some things you need to keep in mind before you choose the right model. Here are seven factors that will help you find the compact, feature-loaded, and lightweight CCTV camera for your needs.

Top 7 Factors to Think About – CCTV Camera Buying Guide

1. Picture Quality

The challenge with CCTV cameras is that clear pictures are essential for understanding recorded details. The resolutions of recent CCTV cameras range from 720p to 1080p and higher. However, you must consider storage while choosing the picture quality, since a 24-hour 720p video can take up nearly 30GB, quickly using up all available space on an SD card.

If you have a DVR, you can go for a better resolution as you have a much higher capacity at your disposal. Newer CCTV cameras have an overwriting capability where it will start wiping recordings collected at the beginning and replace them with new recordings.

2. Range of Camera

Not everything that the human eye can see can be captured by a camera. Buy a CCTV camera with a minimum field of view of 20 to 25 meters. The easier it will be to capture far-off objects, the longer the range. The focal length of the lens and the size of the image sensor both affect the range.

3. Motion and Audio Sensor

CCTV cameras with audio and/or motion sensors are typically more expensive, but they are beneficial. These advanced security cameras can detect strange sounds and motion and notify homeowners of it.

There is a motion sensor feature that records individuals or any movement while storing scenes where there is none. Since it won’t save any files with no motion at all, it can significantly reduce storage space requirements.

4. 2-Way Audio Communication

Some CCTV camera models provide a 2-way communication channel that enables audio conversation with family members or employees through the camera. People in front of the camera can simply speak to the camera, and the built-in mic will capture it and send it back to you, using the CCTV’s companion app.

5. Waterproof or not

Depending on where you want to have surveillance, you can either install the CCTV cameras indoors or outdoors. Unless there isn’t any rain where you are, you should always choose waterproof options for outdoor cameras.

Just in case, having a waterproof camera protects it from moisture and splashes that might damage an electronic device and render it useless.

6. Check if it has a built-in SD card slot.

An SD card slot is usually included into CCTV cameras. Users have the option of 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB of recording space. Get a CCTV camera that has internal storage instead of the less expensive ones, which sometimes lack it.

7. Camera types: wired or wireless

Both wired and wireless cameras have advantages and disadvantages, and you can purchase either type. In India, wired CCTV cameras are more affordable and more dependable than their wireless equivalents. While wireless cameras may be placed anywhere as long as it is within Wi-Fi range, they are best recognized for their mobility.

Although they can be pricey, these are excellent examples of ways to avoid the hassles of using other decorative techniques to conceal wires and cables. Basically, all you need to use the wireless cameras is a router and a high-speed internet connection.

Top 6 Best CCTV Cameras in India are listed below:


Mi 360° 2K ProBluetooth Gateway BLE 4.2 l Dual Band Wi-fi Connection

best CCTV camera in India
Connector TypeWireless
Power Source‎Power adaptor, 5V2A
Video Resolution1296p

About This Item

  • 2K Resolution image quality
  • Dual Band Wifi
  • Physical Lens shield
  • Included Components: Mi 360° Camera 2k Pro, Manual, Power Cable, Adapter, Mounting Acc

This is 1st best CCTV camera in India in our list, For clarity in every frame, the Mi 360° Home Security Camera 2K Pro has recently upgraded to 3 million pixels, with a resolution of up to 2304 1296. The lens can be blocked using Mi Home App if you don’t want the camera monitoring you or the vicinity of the house. When turned on, the camera lens inside the housing will automatically tilt downward to protect your privacy.

It supports dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi connections, lowers signal interference, speeds up data transmission, and offers a more dependable connection without latency. You can see your loved ones more clearly with color video because of the high-sensitivity picture sensor, which displays in low light and brings out every detail.

There are no blind spots with the Mi 360° 2K Pro’s dual-axis pan-tilt-zoom motor, which has a 360° horizontal viewing angle and 118° vertical viewing angle. Control and panoramic photography made possible by the Mi Home app let you see everything.

  • It supports 2.4 GHz/5 GHz dual-band Wi-Fi connections.
  • A horizontal viewing angle of 360° and a vertical viewing angle of 118° are available.
  • Picture sensor with high sensitivity.
  • Sometimes issues occur during playback.

Qubo Outdoor SecurityIP65 All-Weather | 2MP 1080p Full HD | CCTV Wi-Fi Camera

best CCTV camera in India
Connector TypeWireless
Power SourceCorded Electric
Video Resolution1080p

About This Item

  • 24×7 LIVE REMOTE MONITORING with 1080p FHD Camera
  • 2-WAY TALK

This security camera has advanced artificial intelligence. As a result, whenever it recognizes a person, it will immediately notify you, this thing brings it in list of best CCTV camera in India. The Qubo Smart Home Security Camera comes with an alarm system that lets you create smart routines based on your specific needs and preferences. This alarm system can be programmed to sound an automated loud siren when motion is detected.

It enables you to create smart zones for areas of your home where you keep important documents and expensive items. As a result, it will only send you necessary and noteworthy alerts. It has a 110° ultra-wide-angle lens, which results in photos that are crisp and lifelike. The colors in the photos are also vibrant. As a result, you will be able to see every detail, no matter how small, with complete clarity.

It has an in-built speaker and microphone. So, whenever you engage in a two-way conversation, know that it will be audible and clear. It can also be used to eliminate echo problems.

Its Night Vision feature allows it to clearly detect objects at night. It has a 3 mm pixel image sensor that can absorb more light. As a result, it can take high-quality, clear photographs even in low-light conditions. Since it is rated IP65, it can function well in a variety of weather conditions, including heavy rain, snowfall, storms, and others. It is made to withstand all types of weather. It is easily installable inside or outside your house. It can even be set on top of a table or similar object.

  • 110-degree ultra-wide-angle lens
  • The app’s signup process is simple.
  • Two-way communication feature.
  • You can easily rotate the camera, turn off night mode, turn on/off voice, and take snapshots.
  • None

Imou 360° 1080P Full HD Security CameraHuman Detection, Motion Tracking, 2-Way Audio, Night Vision, Dome Camera

best CCTV camera in India
Connector Type‎Wireless, Wired
Power Source‎Corded Electric
Video Resolution1080p

About This Item

  • 360 Degree Coverage View
  • 1080P Full HD & Night Vision
  • WiFi & Ethernet Connection
  • Sound Detection & Two-way Audio

Using the app on your smartphone, you can pan and tilt Ranger to see every angle of your home. There are no blind spots when using 1080P Full HD live monitoring with 0355° pan & -580° tilt to create total coverage. Ranger 2 uses AI to identify human intrusion without sounding any false alarms. Then, everything is automatically tracked and recorded. Interacting with people or animals is possible thanks to a built-in speaker and microphone, and the enhanced sound quality eliminates echo and background noise.

keeps you informed of what’s happening at home wherever you are by sending prompt alerts to your smartphone anytime it hears a baby screaming, glass breaking, or other unusual sounds.

High-quality sensors deliver incredibly clear films and recordings thanks to H.265 compression, which cuts network bandwidth and storage use by 50% without compromising video quality. When and where you need to preserve your privacy, simply tap the camera lens in the Imou app. Wi-Fi network offers greater installation flexibility, but LAN offers a more reliable video transmission experience. You can also check best security cameras outdoor wireless in India

  • AI Human Detection & Smart Tracking.
  • High-quality sensors deliver incredibly clear recordings.
  • Support Both Wi-Fi and LAN Connectivity.
  • Abnormal Sound Detection.
  • Two-Way Talk.
  • You have to buy cloud storage space from the manufacturer only.

Mi 360° Home Security CameraFull HD Picture l AI Powered Motion Detection l Infrared Night Vision

best CCTV camera in India
Connector Type‎Wireless
Power Source‎Corded Electric
Video Resolution1080p

About This Item

  • AI motion detection alert
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • Talkback Feature.
  • Up to 64GB SD card storage

The camera can spin and take a full 360° horizontal and 96° vertical view thanks to the dual motor-head design. The smooth and silent rotation is made possible by the camera’s shockproof construction and quiet motor. The brand-new low-light true colour technology prevents you from switching to infrared lighting, which can only produce a black-and-white image, so you can view a full colour palette even in the later hours of the day.

The camera accurately predicts when to warn you and notifies you on your phone thanks to the integration of deep learning technology and targeted optimization of the algorithms and network software. Use the camera’s Talkback Feature (2-way audio) to communicate with your family wherever you are at any time.

Without sacrificing detail, this brand-new video encoding technology makes streaming more fluid and uses less bandwidth. accommodates network-attached storage (NAS). When backing up data from SD cards to NAS storage devices, network devices or routers with storage capabilities can be utilized to store the backup data. Know more about Night Vision

  • 360° horizontal and 96° vertical views are available.
  • enables network-attached storage (NAS).
  • True colour technology for low-light environments.
  • Sensors for detection can be improved.

TP-Link Tapo 360° Tapo C200Full HD Pan/Tilt Home Security Wi-Fi Smart Camera

best CCTV camera in India
Connector Type‎Wireless
Power Source‎Corded Electric
Video Resolution1080p

About This Item

  • High-Definition Video
  • Sound and Light Alarm
  • stores up to 128 GB
  • Free Up Your Hands with Voice Control 

This TP-Link Tapo C200 security camera features motion detection, so if someone approaches to your door, you will receive a timely warning, enabling you to keep an eye on your guests. It also contains sound and light effects that may be set to keep unwanted visitors away.

The 850 nm infrared night vision supports its automatic colour-shifting filter. The camera can capture colored pictures even in low light at a distance of about 9.14 m, allowing you to sleep easily at night while this camera monitors your property.

The privacy mode on this camera may be used to stop it from taking unwanted pictures. Additionally, according to laboratory studies, the camera has a local capacity of up to 128 GB (on a microSD card), which equates to around 16 days or 384 hours of recording.

Every time you switch on this camera, you’ll receive vibrant video footage of your entryway since it captures high-quality movies in 1080p definition. Even when you are away from home, stay in touch with your loved ones. The two-way audio functionality allows you to communicate with your loved ones as well.

With a 360-degree horizontal coverage and 114-degree vertical coverage range, this camera secures a greater area and provides detailed recordings. With only one tap on the Tapo camera app, you may remotely operate and communicate with this camera. You may schedule recording times, change the camera’s angle, and watch previously recorded movies to ensure that footage is captured even when there is no activity apparent to the camera’s field of view.

  • Excellent video quality in 1080p especially at night.
  • Extremely loud speaker.
  • The ability to see the camera feed in real time on any computer system.
  • There’s no NAS support.

CP PLUS Intelligent Home PT CameraCloud Remote Viewing – 1080 Full HD , Wireless / WiFi, 360 Degree Viewing ,Motion Detection

best CCTV camera in India
Connector Type‎Wireless
Power Source‎Corded Electric
Video Resolution1080p

About This Item

  • It offers 360 degree pan and 85 degree tilt
  • Up to 128GB SD Card supported
  • Talk to the person on the other side
  •  Intelligent Motion Alert

A 360-degree view of its surroundings is provided by the Ezykam thanks to its “pan and tilt” functionality. You avoid the expense and hassle of setting up numerous cameras at odd angles to monitor a space.

Quickly establish a WiFi connection. All you need to do is select the network and enter the password. ezykam+ is a user-friendly mobile app that can be downloaded from the “Playstore” for Android users and the “App store” for iPhone users. It allows you to view footage of your home or office from anywhere in the world. On EzyKam 360°, the image quality is High Resolution. Due to its high dynamic range and 1080p resolution, even distant backgrounds are clear and detailed.

Stay connected all the time, seven days a week, and converse with the person on the other end while you watch. When activated, the EzyKam’s built-in motion alarm promptly notifies you via your smartphone of an intrusion in a specific area.

  • 360-degree.
  • Motion Alert.
  • 2-way audio communication.
  • 1080p resolution and a large dynamic range.
  • Motion tracking can be enhanced.
  • In two-way audio communication, there is a lot of echo and noise.

The Bottom Line

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to choosing a CCTV camera. But before you do, it is necessary to consider certain factors which we have mentioned above in this CCTV camera buying guide and we really hope the above list of best CCTV cameras in India has helped you find your perfect CCTV camera to fulfill your security needs.

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